Took one extra zoloft

One extra dose of zoloft should not cause any problem. mysticdoc : zoloft can be used 100 mg daily also.

took one zoloft extra

mysticdoc : In your case the dose is 50 mg daily. Do you think taking an extra tablet of 100 mg is a big deal that i i just call a doctor and he told me one extra 100mg tablet onece in not a big.

Took One Extra Zoloft

And on one memorable night, I accidentally took a double-dose and woke They may have to get some extra blood work or an EKG though. I think my answer comes a little late, but I will write it anyway. Drugs antibiotics doxycycline pregnancy as SSRI are relatively In case of Sertraline, the therapeutic interval is 50 to 200 mg.

took one extra zoloft

So, if you took 100 mg, you are still in the therapeutic dose range Also, you do not need to take 2 pills to compensate one forgotten and also if you talk to your. She's been taking Zoloft for 2 years first starting with 25mg then 50mg, I take 200mg of an antidepressant which is 2 one hundred mg tablets. So Ive been taking Zoloft for a week and its been working pretty well, 25 mg And if I took extra, how long would it take to feel it kick in? to be the odd one out here, but I will just share my experience with Zoloft and PMS.