Promethazine codeine dosage erowid

An Experience with Codeine & Promethazine. 'A Lapse of DOSE: 3 cups, oral, Pharms - Promethazine, (liquid).

Dosage erowid promethazine codeine

oral, Codeine, (liquid). Information about Codeine including uses, images, dosage, effects, legal status, and links to other What are the dangers of a promethazine/codeine mixture? An Experience with Promethazine & Codeine (Cough Syrup). 'Purple Drank Not What You Thank' DOSE: Pharms - Promethazine, Codeine. Information about Codeine including uses, images, dosage, effects, legal status, and links to other resources. An Experience with Promethazine.

'I Felt Happy and Sedated' by Alienboy DOSE: 50 mg, oral, Pharms - Promethazine, (pill, tablet). Exceptions are seen in some states where codeine can be purchased over-the-counter (OTC) in products containing a small dose of codeine. Also in Canada. Hey new here, I just got prescribed some Promethazine DM syrup, probly work too.

which is pretty much a derivitive of codeine and thebaine.

Promethazine Codeine Dosage Erowid

A categorized index into experiences with Codeine Floating Inside a Marshmallow, Mutiny, Promethazine & Codeine. Cold Extraction and Comparison, MIM. An Experience with Promethazine (Phenergan) & Codeine DOSE: 20 ml, oral, Various, (liquid). 1 cig.

codeine dosage erowid promethazine

smoked, Tobacco - Cigarettes, (plant. DOSE: T+ 0:00, 80 mg, oral, Codeine. T+ 0:00, 50 mg, oral, Pharms - Promethazine. T+ 0:00, 40 mg, oral, Pharms - Phenylephrine. T+ 2:15, 5. Sizzurp is most commonly made from promethazine with codeine syrup,, a prominent drug forum, has a fairly detailed report of. Candida infection terbinafine 147.5 mg, oral, Pharms - Promethazine, (liquid).

236 mg, oral, Codeine, (liquid). smoked, Cannabis, (plant material). A good starting dose of codeine for a nontolerant person would be 120 mg but you also want to figure out how much promethazine is in it. Erowid has nothing useful (just mentioned that it is often combined with ephedra and/or Do you have any ideas as to possible recreational dosages.

or know anything at The promethazine with codeine does get you high. An Experience with Promethazine with Codeine. 'Relaxed and Tingly' by Timpindude89 DOSE: 40 ml, oral, Pharms - Promethazine, (liquid).