Pilocarpine mw

Formula: C11H16N2O2. HCl. MW: 244.7. CAS: 54-71-7. MI: 14: 7424. RTECS: TK1450000. Purity: ≥98% (Titration). Appearance: White to off-white powder. Purity/Analysis Method, )98.0%(HPLC)(T). Storage Temperature. M.F., M.W., C11H16N2O2·HCl=244.72. CAS Number, 54-71-7. Related CAS Number. Pilocarpine, which increases the rohypnol overdose amount length of the lens and shallows the laser settings of 50um spot size, 0.1- and 0.2-second duration, and 500 mW power.

For timolol maleate, the mean scores for 0, 5, 10, and 15 mW/cm2 were, respectively, 1.0, The corresponding scores for pilocarpine were 1.0, 2.4, 2.8, and 4.0. Pilocarpine HCl Chemical Structure. Molecular Weight(MW): 244.72. Pilocarpine HCl is a nonselective muscarinic acetylcholine receptor agonist used to. Compound Name: Pilocarpine Nitrate Molecular Formula: C11H16N2O2. HNO3 Molecular Weight: 208.26 63.01.

TLC No.: P-771, Pilocarpine Nitrate. Pilocarpine. ATC: N07AX01; S01EB01 Use: parasympathomimetic, miotic RN: 92-13-7 MF: C11H16N2O2 MW: 208.26 EINECS: 202-128-4 LD50: 61.9 mg/kg (M. Sigma-Aldrich offers Sigma-P6503, Pilocarpine hydrochloride for your Molecular Weight 244.72 Pilocarpine hydrochloride ≥98% (titration), powder. In a subsequent study, the same authors (Saettone et al., 1991) investigated the influence of HA molecular weight and of ionic biding of pilocarpine to the.

Store at Room Temperature. Replacement for Product Number 14,188-7. Product Description. Molecular Formula: C11H16N2O2 • HCl. Molecular Weight: 244.7. Pilocarpine nitrate, C11H17N3O5, CID 657349 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification Molecular Weight: 271.273 g/mol.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 94:3268–3273 Epperly MW, Gretton JA, DeFilippi SJ, et al double-blind, placebo-controlled, dosetitration study of oral pilocarpine for. Pilocarpine Nitrate C11H16N2O2. HNO3 M.W. 208.26 63.01. P-771. Pilocarpine Nitrate, Pilocarpic Acid Sodium Salt (Mixture of Diastereomers) CAS No.

Pretreatment Pilocarpine and Phenylephrine Phenylephrine Pilocarpine and 300 ms 0.02 N/A Power 240 mW and up 1000 mW 500 mW 780 mW 0.8–1.0. Pilocarpine hydrochloride, C11H17ClN2O2, CID 5909 - structure, chemical Molecular Weight: 244.719 g/mol Pilocarpine hydrochloride 3D structure.

Pilocarpine Mw