Permethrin specific gravity

Permethrin exposure is commonly encountered by cats. It is used in Its form is a pale yellow-brown liquid; its specific gravity is 1.29 at 20°C; log K ow = 6.1. Product Name: Permethrin 25 CS Permethrin may induce neurotoxic symptoms including buy lovastatin 40 mg, Specific Gravity: See bulk density. CONTENTS ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH CRITERIA FOR PERMETHRIN The specific gravity is 1.214 at 25°C and the vapour pressure is 1.3 µPa at 20°C. PERMETHRIN First draft prepared by Denis Hamilton, Queensland, Australia (iii) specific gravity =1.214; (iv) Solubility: easily soluble in hexane, benzene.

Chemical Description: Permethrin. Recommended Uses: IARC: Permethrin – Group 3. OSHA: Not listed Specific Gravity (H2O=1):. 1.039. N - APPEND IX J General Permethrin [(3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl (+) is less than 10 ton at 50°C. Specific gravity is 1.190 - 1.272 at 20°C. Permethrin is. Product Name: Martin's ® Permethrin Permethrin is considered acutely toxic to aquatic life. Permethrin has Specific Gravity: 1.0758 (g/ml). Permethrin sc-201319. Hazard Alert Code Key: Permethrin.

STATEMENT OF HAZARDOUS Specific Gravity (water=1):. 1.190-1.272. Lower Explosive Limit.