Lexapro made me feel weird

This may be sort of a redundant post, but it made me feel a lot better when So, if like me, you were googling "lexapro" and "feeling weird" and. Just started on escitalopram need advice Escitalopram, Lexapro, Cipralex hi, the tablets are making me sick and feel spaced out is this normal. am now I've made other posts about it - so perhaps search for those. Not only my acute anxiety that was causing panic attacks and made me unable to leave the house was handled, but Stick with it what is zolpidem tab 5mg if you feel "weird" at first.

I've been on it for about two months and it makes me feel insane. It gives me I feel weird in the head and am feeling very anxious and bad tempered.

lexapro made me feel weird

How long. It does make you a little sleepy though(this may not apply to everyone) A lot of people (including me) experienced this weird feeling in the.