Levlen ed pill how to take

I take Levlen ED as my birth control pill. My partner & I had unprotected sex (no condom) yesterday for the first time & he didn't withdraw. Now I am paranoid that. The failure rate may increase when pills are missed or taken incorrectly. How to Take Levlen ED. Tablets must be taken in the order directed on the package. Start taking Levlen ED on the day after taking the last active tablet in your previous Pill pack. Bleeding may not occur until the end of the first pack of Levlen ED. If you are not sure which were the active/inactive tablets in your previous Pill pack, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Ok, well i just started taking the pill. first time. im on levlen Ed, and the doctor said that when i get my period start taking the pill in the red. I have missed a period but am too scared to take a test. My DH will Just sildenafil mylan 50 mg cena if anyone has fallen pregnant on this pill?

Back to yes I was using Levlen ED as well for 2 years and fell pregnant whilst taking it as well.