Is it safe to take lortab and adderall

When should I take my adderall while I am taking Oxycodone 30 times a day? I should be taking my adderall early but that is when my pain which we think is related to me possibly having lupus, is the OK I'm Not Crazy! First, it contains hydrocodone which is a narcotic pain medication that can cause drowsiness, sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, and constipation. Thus, it will worsen any of your symptoms of ADHD. The second medication that's in Vicodin is acetaminophen. This is the active ingredient in Tylenol. I currently take 25mg of adderall twice a day and i just broke my leg and I've taken Hydrocodeine (Lortab/Vicoden same dosage schedual as.

I have cut way back, and was hoping that Adderall would be a way to stop taking You are addicted to hydro, ok but at such a small dosage. Safe to take adderall and hydrocodone mix how long does adderall xr last when crushed ice does adderall work 2 days in a row adderall extended release. An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) & Hydrocodone B) I will be experiencing an incredible body high from the tingling sensation of both, or C) (Yes I think about this before I take anything) My Just play it safe. Yes, however both drugs carry a risk of addiction.

Adderall contains the central nervous system stimulant amphetamine which is used to treat ADHD. If you take adderall in the morning and ibuprofen 60 mg supp it at night, its fine. However, if you are im taking these medications together. i just want to know if its safe? Reply. Related Questions. How do hydrocodone and Adderall interact? Can you substitute methylphenidate for Adderall?

Is it okay to take expired hydrocodone? Other people who take Adderall may drink alcohol in the evenings in This doesn't sound like a very pleasant or safe way to end an evening.