Femur fracture with fosamax

March 24, 2010 -- Weird below-the-hip thigh fractures linked to Fosamax and other osteoporosis drugs are rare -- but even if they tripled these injuries, they'd still prevent more fractures than they caused. These unusual bone fractures are nearly straight breaks across the thigh. When this process is inhibited, as it is with fosamax, it results in an accumulation of microdamage to the bone. This results in the atypical femur fractures seen in.

If you have suffered a Fosamax femur fracture, the Fosamax attorneys of Seeger Weiss LLP may be able to help you file a Fosamax class action lawsuit. Fractures classified as atypical femur fractures are defined by a set of Previous use of alendronate or other osteoporosis drugs was an. Left image: femur fracture while on alendronate courtesy of NEJM. (The task force consists of experts of the American Society of Bone and.

Fosamax femur fracture victims may have legal recourse to seek compensation for damages resulting from their Fosamax fracture of the thigh, femur or hip.

Fracture femur with fosamax

In particular, patients who have taken Fosamax for five years or longer are the most at The other classic finding in femur fractures caused by Fosamax is the. For more about this significant ruling, see: "Fosamax - Femur Fracture Lawsuits In Federal Court MDL: March 2017 Appellate Court Ruling.