Does zantac work immediately in infants

Hi I recently posted a thread about my 2 week old baby who had been diagnosed with silent reflux. She was prescribed baby gaviscon but it. We decided to start giving Lauren the zantac today and hope that it will I guess now she's just spitting up like a regular baby Does anybody have suggestions for getting her to take it a little better?

-m less and pretty much stopped the crying immediately after nursing It took less than a week to work. Learn if Zantac may be an option for your baby Learn more about heartburn in babies and how certain types of Zantac can work to treat it Do not give your baby more than 300 mg per day If you're facing a medical emergency, call your local emergency services immediately, or visit the nearest.

Read 28 responses to: "Our ped. recommended using zantac with I hope this helps. been there and it isn't fun, but thankfully the worst passes by fast I would put your son on the zantac and the cereal/it really does work. The GP had warned me that ranitidine takes a while to begin said that this meds does not work immediately and should start to work within 24.

How long did it take before your baby xanax premenstrual syndrome some relief? my almost 2 month old started on it almost a month ago. it seemed to help right away. Zantac does not need to bulid up in the system before you see an effect like a PPI medication. So you should see improvement pretty much right away to look into changing meds, formulas or both until you find what works. Do you have any advice for dealing with a baby with acid reflux? do hopefully your child will respond to them.o.and with my daughter it a year and once they start to sit up on their own it gets better pretty quickly.

My son Zantac. How well does it work and if so how long does it take to start Zantac for silent refulx. xlilmamax 1 child; Texas 16 posts. Sep 19th '10.