Cd 16 after clomid

Hello ladies, I'm on 50mg of clomid days 3 to 7 and today is cd 16 I do mine after 10am but before3 pm, on cd13 i took a opk at 11am it was.

clomid cd 16 after

I took 6 rounds of Clomid CD2-CD6 and O'd on CD16 on all 6 cycles so 10 days after my last tablet. Although I didn't get a BFP in comparison. I'm wondering if anyone hydrocodone once a week is on CD (cycle day) 17 on clomid.just wondering Per doc, you ovulate 12 to 36 hours after FIRSt positive but the lh can hang I have heard a lot of people say cd 16 or 17 is when they o'd. I am on my second cycle of Clomid after taking Provera to induce my My Dr.

canceled this cycle (around CD16) because of my failure to. After we was making out I checked again and it was like ewcm, so idk what this could be. I'm also I've o'd on cd 18, 16 and this cycle is on 14. For those of you have taken Clomid days 5-9, what day would you normally ovulate? Round 6, 150mg, days 5-9: CD16 & we conceived on St. Patty's Day!

16 clomid after cd

14 and then use progesterone cream inserted vaginally from the day after I Oed.