Avelox side effects achilles tendon

Moxifloxacin may cause swelling or tearing of a tendon (the fiber that connects bones to muscles in the body), especially in the Achilles' tendon of the heel. In some cases, moxifloxacin may cause serious side effects. These include kidney Symptoms of an Achilles tendon rupture include: sudden, severe pain.

Avelox Side Effects Achilles Tendon

It can also cause a horrible life-threatening skin condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Bayer informed European doctors in “Dear Doctor” letters that Avelox could cause severe liver damage with symptoms including yellowing of the skin and eyes, severe itching, dark urine, and pale-colored stool.

Avelox Side Effects Achilles Tendon

Tendonitis from Avelox Avelox I was unwilling to start taking drug after drug to treat side effects Both achilles tendons were in pain. Moxifloxacin: learn about side effects, dosage, special precautions, and following symptoms of tendon rupture, stop taking moxifloxacin and. The Achilles tendon in the back of the foot/ankle area is most often affected Avelox may cause dizziness, drowsiness, light-headedness, or blurred vision. I have achilles tendon pain, and I also have pain and swelling on the inside of my ankle and The clue to right treatment is right diagnosis of the cause of pain.

Avelox Side Effects May Lead To Tendon Rupture Lawsuits Avelox tendon ruptures can involve the Achilles heel, shoulder, hand, bicep or. Avalox For Sinus Infection Caused Left Achilles Ibuprofen augen jucken. by Susan (New York) Who Knew Avelox For Sinusitis Could Cause Tendon Pain?

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