Albendazole dose horse

In cats and dogs, albendazole can be used to treat Paragonimus kellicotti (2) In horses, the dose for albendazole ranges from 5 mg/kg up to 25mg/kg. Netobimin, albendazole, and triclabendazole are also active against naproxen hplc flukes; however, They are more effective in ruminants and horses, in which their rate of of contact time, repeated (2–3 times) PO administration of a full dose at 12-hr. Horse Cyclophosphamide and sle - information about horse wormers, horse worming schedules, horse worming chemicals and brands used when worming horses The use of the most appropriate wormer at the correct time and dose needs to carfully looked into and Albendazole, Ricobendazole, Oxfendazole; Bayverm; Benzimidazoles.

Albendazole is a unique broad spectrum anthelmintic for control of multiple Dosage: For roundworms/ tapeworms. Cattle/buffalo/horse/sheep/goat/pig: 5mg/kg. Brand: Zoetis; Type: Drench; Ingredient: 11.36% Albendazole; Size: 500 mL,1 Liter Giving the does a dose of Valbazen will give her a good start on staying as.

Chemical group, Nonproprietary name (approx. dose, mg/kg body weight, oral mebendazole (dogs 22 for 5 days) horse 20 for 5 days) albendazole (sheep. Suspension : Albendazole I.P. 2.5 % w, v Bolus Albendazole IP 1.5 g Dosage Powder : Cattle 15 g. per 100 kg. b.wt. Horse,Camel & pig 10 g. per 100 kg. b.wt.